Vân Thị Tường Nguyễn

Vân Thị Tường Nguyễn

Nghiên cứu viên

  • Nhóm Nghiên cứu:
    Nhóm Cell Reprogramming
  • Nghề nghiệp:
    Nghiên cứu viên
  • Số năm kinh nghiệm:
  • Kĩ năng chính:
    Stem Cell Culture, Stem Cell Characterization, Stem Cell Differentiation
  • Học vị:
    Tiến sĩ


Van has just completed her PhD in Medical studies at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Van has a background in immunology and cell metabolism, and her work in PhD focused on understanding how amino acid metabolism influences stem cell programming and differentiation. As an early career researcher, Van found Vietnam an amazing place to perform research based on its dynamic innovation and motivation in adapting new technologies and sciences. Van is now working with her team at SCI on brown adipocyte differentiation, aiming to produce transplantable human brown adipose tissues to be applied in obesity and diabetes.


Stem Cell Culture 95%
Stem Cell Characterization 75%
Stem Cell Differentiation 85%
Molecular Biology 80%